Private tuition



These one to one art classes are designed to develop your child’s creative potential with the use of fine art skills. They focus on the students’s interests that will be the starting point of the dialogue between the student and the tutor. Your child will expand his/her knowledge through a step to step guide sessions that will help increasing happiness, confidence and focus. A final piece will be produced in each class!

The student will be introduced to a wide range of fine art principles and fundamental practices in fine art such as; contemporary art, colour theory, tone, texture, composition, prospective, contrast, positive and negative space, pattern, material manipulation and art history. Students will have a chance to develop their artistic skills and knowledge by using a combination of art mediums, and specialist professional art tools such as; watercolours, acrylics, clay, charcoal, graphite pencils, canvases and more.

You can book personalised one to one art classes that are specially designed and structured to meet your child’s needs and develop your childs artistic skills set and knowledge or you can require to explore a specific theme, art movement, artist or technique.


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